Bussmann Modular Fuse Blocks

December 14, 2014

Bussmann by Eaton - Modular Ferrule Fuse Blocks

New fuse blocks improve electrical safety, speed assembly and reduce inventory

Bussmann’s modular design allows snap-together assembly for required number of poles. They contain multiple features to add versatility, reduce labor and enhance safety of any panel design.

Available for the following fuses:

  • Class CC
  • Class H(K) and R
  • Class J
  • Midget/10x38
  • 10x38 1000Vdc Photovoltaic

Download the datasheets for Class CC, H(K) R and J, Midget/10x38, or 10x38 1000Vdc Photovoltaic

Download the Product Profile sheets for Class CCH(K) R and JMidget/10x38, or 10x38 1000Vdc Photovoltaic