PUI Audio Haptic Devices

May 5, 2022

PUI Audio is excited to launch a new product platform (Haptics) to provide an enhanced experience through sense of touch.

PUI Audio is aware of the unique application requirements for each market and plan to launch a broad range of products based on different stimulation technology. Actuators are the heart of Haptics system, and PUI's goal is to provide the best optimal solution given the requirements. As part of their initial Haptics launch they are offering a number of ERM Electromagnetic Actuators.

Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM): Best for Low frequency vibration type alert. Acceleration and frequency are fluctuated in accordance with the voltage. ERM vibration motors are DC motors that spin a mass offset from the center of rotation producing motion across two axes. They have two types of configurations – Cylindrical and Coin with different mounting styles.